sunnuntai 16. lokakuuta 2011


Some of you might have already seen the horror of this weekend and the fact that the original venue has been bankrupted. WELL because I am such a super woman, I managed to deal with this thing and find us a new one to have our show (with only a two week with a help of some dear friends.


Sorry for the inconvenience!

torstai 6. lokakuuta 2011

Tickets on sale!

Hey you creepers! The tickets for the event have been on sale for almost a week now! And they have started to sell quite well, so better get yours soon!

So get your tickets in advance from 
Nitrobabe, Otavalankatu 9, Tampere CASH ONLY!

Olivia Rouge Shop! Tickets from the web boutique on sale until 24th of October!!

Tickets: 15€ in advance 17€ from door!

Doors open at 8p.m and show starts at 10p.m but you better get there early, since there are some front row seating available to the quickest people!

keskiviikko 28. syyskuuta 2011

Performers vol. 2!

And here you will find some more info about the fantastic performers:

Cherry Dee

Cherry "Turrrbo-Cherry" Dee is the Itty-Bitty Tease Cabaret's blonde whirlwind, fierce, wild and funny at the same time. For Horror&Tease she will grow more than 50ft tall and terribly frightening. She will shake, and you will shiver and then she will shake some more and finally crush you like a bug! Watch out, 50ft Cherry is loose!

The Baron

The Finnish Prince of Hearts, the Scandinavian strongman! The Baron! The Baron will be lifting 30KG of cold, solid steel from his nipples. A feat rarely achieved in today's contemporary circus world. And, not only will he be lifting weight from his nipples, ears, nose and EYES - The Baron will also be charming the ladies, the gentlemen and anyone in between, as he casually hammers 4 inch nails into his nasal cavity whilst sporting his notorius leopard skin pants.

Cherrie A. Dorable

Cherrie is one of the first sparkling stars of Finnish Burlesque sky. She is the Milky White Burly Siren serving eye candy from country's sweetest cheesecake to the hottest entrée! Cherrie is renowned of her bold strip tease and intense precense on every stage she steps on.

This Halloween she will be performing the act devoted to her ironic alter ego, Ruth Less. This show puts the cojones to the tease and gives a finger to the coy. Let's forget about the 1930's glamour and modesty and throw in some rocking stance and shiny latex! Ruth Less comes to sex the house up!

Lili Safiiri

Lili Safiiri, the new gem in the box of Finnish burlesque performers will be presenting her grand debut at the Horror & Tease Show! This charming and delightful piece of luxury will glamour you with her tempting dance, and offers catching shows full of passion and sparkles!

Lucky Hell

Lucky Hell is an exciting and diverse performer, presenting articulate and stylized high end professional stage shows - a dazzling Burlesque seductress with dance moves to prove it, and a fearless, death defying, sword swallowing Sideshow and Suspension artist- with the scars to show for it!

Fiona Timantti - The dj of the evening

Swing - Burlesque - Rock'n'Roll - and all that jazz!One of Finland's premiere Dj:s in the burlesque and underground scene must be the cunning and always very versatile Fiona Timantti. She is guaranteed to make your party feet move a little faster on the dance floor!

sunnuntai 25. syyskuuta 2011

The performers!

As many of you already know, the performances of the Horror & Tease event will be spectacular! Here is some more info about the performers part 1:

Natsumi Scarlett has been strutting her stuff around international stages for quite a while now.Trained as a professional balletdancer and aerial/circusperformer,she'll create the most breathtaking shows that will only make you beg for more!
This multitalented,allround stage Diva is blessed with an extraordinary eye for dragging you into her dark and twisted fantasyworld where she'll mesmerize you with her enchanting stage character.
She is everything what she wants to be.From a twisted Burlesque Beauty with a capital 'B' to a disturbed,fetish freak entertainer.From dangling at the ceiling for an unearthy aerialshow to literally setting the stage on fire! This Lady is a pure element of force,an electrifying freak....she's glamourous and divine,beautiful and elegant,dark and radical.But most of all she is Avant Garde,uniquely gifted,from time to time incredibly obnoxious but immensely entertaining!She finishes a bottle A Champ,walks on the broken glass and eats fire for breakfast.She loves crossing boundaries and especially yours!
Natsumi Scarlett...Holland's first and only profesisional Jekyll&Hyde.... 

Helsinki-based burlesque troupe The Itty-Bitty Tease Cabaret has been teasing and delighting audiences since 2008. Their shows blend classic elements of tease, nudge-and-wink slapstick and fistfuls of glitter to put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.
The IBTC girls have been performing regularly since day one, with a wide repertoire ranging from one-number streaks to all-night burlesque extravaganzas, in Finland as well as abroad, and from small stages to the one and only Helsinki Burlesque Festival.

The way The Itty-Bitty Tease Cabaret girls are serving you their burlesque is rip-roaringly funny, sizzling hot and all coated in glitter. Something to make you hoot and holler 'til you're dizzy and hoarse. A Halloween special, spiced with more than a handful of voodoo magic is to be anticipated...

Tinker Bell of The Itty-Bitties has a deadly sweet surprise buried somewhere on her pet cemetery. You really really shouldn´t agree on taking a midnight walk with her this time of the year - unless you share her fondness for terribly cute monsters. That bleed glitter.

The original sharp dressed man, Frank Doggenstein, brings an old classic
to life. Beware kiddies! Remember to bring treats, 'cause you don't do
tricks for this giant. Frank Doggenstein, The godfather of Manlesque!

The hostess of the evening, Big Bad Bettie Blackheart, Hellsinki Hellcat, Burlesqueperformer, producer of Helsinki Burlesque, promoter and visual artist.
A Queen of the fire tassels,sanctioned by the Legend Herself the Devil's Own Mistress, Satan's Angel, QUEEN of the firetassels!!!!

"The Real Lady with Rock'n'Roll twist"
Olivia Rouge is known for her variability on stage, she will bring you whatever whenever, when you least expect it. Being on stage since the year 2008, delighing audiences with acts such as Edward Scissorhands, The Cupcake Cutie and Femme Fatale, she is the true burlesque sweetheart in Finland. This fiery redhead is all about old school teasing but not forgetting some humour!
This time Olivia is the multitalent lady producing this whole Halloween event by herself for all of you to enjoy.
Be prepared to see her on stage in something that you all have been waiting for..

Stay tuned for the part 2 of our performer info! Oh and only a week left and the advance tickets will be on sale at 30th of September in my web boutique and in Nitrobabe boutique at Otavalankatu 9, Tampere (CASH ONLY!)

keskiviikko 7. syyskuuta 2011

Welcome to the best Halloween show in town!

Miss Olivia Rouge proudly presents:

Horror & Tease Show, the spookiest Halloween event in town on 28th of October!

Come and see Finland’s most daunting and delicious performers and some international talent!

Be prepared for acts from both Burlesque and Sideshow:

Natsumi Scarlett (NL)
Lucky Hell
The Baron
Holy Curves!
Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret
Frank Doggenstein
Cherry Dee
Cherrie A. Dorable
Lili Safiiri
Olivia Rouge

The sassy suspensul hostess of the evening is the mother of Finnish burlesque, Helsinki Hellcat, Bettie Blackheart. The blood thirsty haunting pick ups of the evening are Pepper Sparkles and Bee Bee Paloma!

The best tunes of the evening will be provided to you by the one and only Fearful yet fantastic Fiona Timantti.

There will also be a one of a kind Halloween fashion show by Nitrobabe!

Dresscode: Halloween. The best dressed people are being rewarded sumptuously by Nitrobabe and Olivia Rouge!

The early bird tickets will be sold from 30th of September onwards at the following places:
Nitrobabe, Otavalankatu 9, CASH ONLY!
Olivia Rouge Shop,, payment via LASKU only!

Ticket in advance: 15€, 17€ from the door.
With the advance ticket you can get a discount at the best Halloween inspired boutique in Tampere, Punanaamio! Show your advance ticket at the cashier and get a 10% discount!

So get your little behinds to Sputnik on 28th of October and party with us 20-04!

For any inquiries, please contact: